On the left:
The castle of Montechiarugolo;
The castle of Bianello;
A powerful fortified system protecting the feudal state: this is what the countess Matilde governed between the XI and XII centuries. The origin of these castles dates back to the family of the Attonidi, the lineage of Matilde, who had reinforced, between the Taro and the Reno, the northern frontier of her land. The defensive structures represented a safety assurance but developed, at the same time, a symbolic authoritative function. These castles have often been built through reinforcing preexistent structures. The fortified lines (as it is evident in the Apennines near Reggio) continued each other from West to East at different altimetric heights. Canossa, for example, lies on an intermediate line , while Bianello faces directly the plain ready to contrast the enemies coming from north. The matildic castles suffered the conflictual attitude of the municipalities first and of the lords then; most of them have been transformed into residential villas, but the peculiar matildic structure is still evident under the restauration works.

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